Ford Sedan Delivery 
year: 1938, K miles
8 cylinders, Manual transmission
Grey with red interior

1938 Ford Sedan Delivery

SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a very rare 1938 Ford Delivery with a flathead V-8. It was originally a Brazilian car, therefore it still has most of the original Brazilian parts. It runs well and drives nicely. It is in good shape and is overall a solid car.

This car is powered by a 221 ci Flathead V-8 producing 85hp. This motor began production in late 1938 and was referred to as the "24 stud" engine because of how many studs held down each extremely rare Tigre head. The air and fuel is delivered through a pair of "94" carbs sitting on top of the Fenton intake. The transmission is a 3 speed manual. The motor cranks up easily and runs smoothly. The clutch is solid, and the transmission shifts well. The exhaust is fed through a pair of glasspacks and out of the dual tips. The upgraded 1940 Ford hydraulic brakes bring this car to a stop very easily with no wobbles or squeals. The steering is tight and doesn't make any noises. Overall, this is a very mechanically sound vehicle that has no problem driving down the road and coming to an easy stop.

The outside of this car is painted in a dark metallic grey. There is very little rust on this car, just two or three paint bubbles in random spots. The car is very solid otherwise. All of the panels line up nicely and all three doors open and close easily. There are some small cracks in the paint, below the rear door and near the windshield cowl. The rest of the paint is in good condition and has a very nice shine and reflection. All of the trim is present and in the right place. It appears that it may be the original trim, because there is some slight wear on a few of the pieces, but it still looks nice. It even has the original tag from Brazil on the front grill. Both front and rear bumpers are in nice condition, there is some slight pitting but it isn't very noticable unless up close. The headlights and fog lights look very nice, and the lenses are in good shape. The tail lights are also in good shape. All of the lights and turn signals work properly. The glass in this car is in good shape, with a couple of light scratches here and there. The running board covers appear to be new, or very recently replaced as there is very little wear. The red steel wheels are 16" x 6" and in good condition with no gouges or dents. They have chrome "V8" centercaps and also chrome beauty rings. All four tires are in good shape as well. The outside of this car isn't perfect but it is still nice and is an attention getter.

The interior of this car has red leather seats with a red dash and carpet in the front. The seats are in good condition, they are very firm and the leather shows little wear. They are both on adjustable sliding tracks and also tilt forward. The door panels are covered in this same red leather and they are in good shape. The headliner is an off white color and looks to be pretty new with no stains or tears. The carpet is red and has matching floor mats. There is a slight bit of fading and wear in the carpet, but nothing major. The steering wheel is a Ford "V8" tribar style wheel that is in nice condition with no cracks. The dash has been painted a rich shade of red. It still has the original Brazilian Gauges, so the speedometer is in km/h instead of mph. The fuel gauge, temp gauge, amp gauge, and oil pressure gauge all work properly. There is a hole in lower center part of the dash that looks to be where an old radio was mounted. The front window opens easily with the knob at the top of the dash. Both door windows and the rear window are power windows and go up and down properly. The switches are mounted at the lower part of the dash. The inside walls of the rear part are covered in the red leather like the door panels. The floor is made of a Brazilian wood called Ipe. It is a very dense wood that is resistant to splintering and twisting. The Spare tire is also mounted in the rear, under a red metal shell. The inside of this car is in good condition and will stay that way as long as it is taken care of.

This car is a nice example of a 1938 Ford Delivery. There were very few made and even fewer are still around today. This car would be a great collectors piece or would make a great weekend cruiser. It is something that you can buy today and drive home tonight without having to worry about any major issues.

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