International Scout II pickup truck 
year: 1975, 130K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
orange with beige/black interior

We have an Orange 1975 International Scout II. We decoded the V.I.N. number, which is E0062EGD30902. When broken down: the “E” is for the 1975 model year, the “0” means nothing and is always there, the “06” indicates it’s a Scout II model, the “2” means it is powered by a 304 or 345 v8 (this one is 304 powered), “E” is the year once again, “G” means it was assembled in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, the “D” is the Scout line, and “30902” is the sequential serial number. The truck has a 727 TorqueFlite transmission with a Dana 4wd transfer case.

The Scout is in great shape with no scratches or dents and has a durable black undercoating on the floor. All the trim around the car is in good shape. The car starts right up and drives great. It is a really easy truck to drive with power steering and brakes and is great on the highway. The truck has 134,xxx miles and would make a great driver or off-roader. The interior was reupholstered so it is in good shape and all gauges, knobs, and switches work as they should. The original radio works as does the cigarette lighter. All lights work and the windows roll up and down easily as well. The entire body shows no signs of rust forming and the undercarriage is extremely clean. The truck has cold A/C too. There are new brake hoses and a new fuel filter. The engine performs well with no leaks or noises and the transmission shifts smoothly. 4WD works well and the suspension is in good shape. The wheels are new with plenty of tire left on them too.

Overall the Scout is a great truck with a great driveline. It runs well normally or in 4WD and has the creature comforts like cold A/C, a working radio, and a cigarette lighter (mobile phone charger jack) that many trucks from this era did not have. It is very capable on or off road and would make a great addition to any enthusiast’s garage.

Let me break the car down for you.

DRIVE TRAIN: The Scout fires right up every time. The engine sounds good ( turn the volume up in the videos and listen to the engine ). There are no funny noises or sounds coming from the engine. There are also no leaks from the engine. After the car has been sitting, there are no puddles of fluids on the floor. When you accelerate the engine is strong and solid, there is no smoke under acceleration from the exhaust ( see the videos ).

The transmission shifts well through every gear. There is no slippage or clunking or strange noises. It shifts just as it should. There are also no leaks from the transmission.

The 4x4 transfer case shifts correctly through all the gear options. It makes no excessive noise. We also just greased the front wheels bearings and hubs. The manual hub locks easily turn into lock and out of 4x4.

The rear differential sounds good driving down the road, and there is no excessive back lash in it.

BODY: This is a very solid body. There are no dents on the body, or rust issues. It is not laser straight, but it is a nice fun driver and looks good. It is a very solid not bondo filled body. It is not perfect, it has had a couple of patches, but more solid then probably 90 percent of the Scouts out there because they have such rust issues.

FRAME: The frame is very solid. There are no rust issues or past rust issues with this frame.

PAINT: The Scout has new fresh paint on it. I would say the paint is good fun paint. It is not a show quality paint by any means, or a top notch professional job, but it looks good and you will get plenty of thumbs up.

ELECTRICAL: Everything works on this Scout. All of the head lights and side markers work. The horn works. And all of the gauges work, including the oil pressure gauge ( which has good pressure ). The temp gauge works, and indicates that the car does not get hot, even on 90 degree days that we have had. The turn signals also work.


This is a great running, fun, solid Scout. It is not a show Scout by any means, but if you are looking for a vehicle to have tons of fun in right now, without doing a thing to it, pile everyone in, and drive; this might be a good one for you.

Give us a call so we can make sure this will be the right fit for what you want.



You are more than welcome, I encourage it, to come inspect the vehicle before the auction ends. Please bring your mechanic so you know exactly what you are buying. We also welcome independent inspectors. Just call us to make an appointment. We do our best to give a fair description of all our vehicles for sale. We do not want to sell you a vehicle we don't think you will be happy with, so fee free to call and find out everything about the vehicle.

*This car is located in our Wilmington,NC location.*

FINANCING is available through the following companies:

Woodside Credit 800 717 5180

J.J.Best Banc & Co. 800 USA 1965 (800 872 1965)

We are also able to accommodate you (at your expense) if you are not local and need delivery of the vehicle.

All of our cars are sold where is - as is. With no warranty. I do my best to give you as accurate information as possible. I do welcome you to set up an appointment to have the car inspected. I prefer to pick this car to pieces for your inspector, you, or over the phone. I don't want you to buy the car unless I am assured you will be very happy with it, and you know exactly what you are buying.

Wil Sakowski

Los Angeles, CA 310 978 9558

Wilmington, NC 910 399 5939


This car is sold without a top, but feel free to call us about options as there are many different tops available for the Scout.


**These are not our Scouts but they are top options available**

Overall Pictures

Close Ups
Engine Bay

Underside Pictures

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