Ford Coupe v8 
year: 1936, 999999K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
Black with Tan interior

1936 Ford Coupe

The car now has wider rear wheels, bias ply, and a new front spring.

This is a nice looking 1936 Ford Coupe. It is a real 1936 steel Ford car that has been professionally chopped. It is powered by a 350ci V8 with an automatic. It also has A/C.

The engine in this car is an early 350ci V8. The transmission is a GM Turbo 350 3-speed automatic. The motor starts right up and runs smoothly, and the transmission shifts easily. It has brand new Cal Custom valve covers and air cleaner. It has dual exhaust coming out the rear. The front suspension is a dropped straight tube axle with disc brakes. The rear has a 4-link setup with coil-over shocks and drum brakes. The brake system has a aftermarket power booster and master cylinder. Overall, this car is very mechanically sound and dependable.

This is a real steel car. The title is correct and the VIN stamped on the frame and in the door jam match what is on the title. The top has been professionally chopped about 3". The door handles have also been shaved. The front fenders are fiberglass, but the rear fenders and running boards are all steel. We have a hood and side panels that come with the car. The car has been painted Matte Black. It previously had a very nice and straight paint job in a Pink color, but the previous owner decided they wanted to paint it black. The paint is in good condition and doesn't have much wear on it. All of the glass is in good shape with very few scratches. It has red steel wheels with white wall tires. The headlights are 36 Ford style headlights that belong on the car. The tail lights have been replaced with 1941-48 Chevrolet tail lights. The outside of this car is an attractive mild custom that is in good shape.

The interior of the car is a full custom interior. The front bench seat has been covered in tan cloth. It is a working 4-way power seat. The rear has the rumble seat with an electric motor to raise and lower it. The custom door panels and headliner are also covered in this cloth. It has a newer AC system. The dash has been painted a light cream color and it has a set of VDO electric gauges in a black surrounding. The door handles are brand new. There is a JVC head unit with a cassette player. The steering wheel is mounted to a tilt column for ease and comfort when driving. The windows are power and work easily. The inside of this car is very custom and in good shape.

This car is a very solid car that is pretty much all steel, except the front fenders. The body is straight and has a mild custom appearance to it. The interior is also custom. It is a very good running and driving car that is reliable.


Let me walk around the 36 and tell you a little about it. First of all, it is a good looking chop. It is not apparent that it is chopped when you look at the car, besides it looks real cool. Inside the door jambs, garnish moldings, and exterior of the car; it looks like the car came that way from Ford. The way the car is set up, it is very comfortable to sit in ( I am 6 feet / 230 pounds ), and the visibility looking through the widows with the chop is not restricted at all, it feels like it is supposed to be that way, not overly chopped with bad visibility. When you are sitting in the driver seat, you can adjust the electric 4 way power seat, with no binding, or funny noises. The seat has a large range of adjustments. There is tons of head room in the car, I could wear a cowboy hat if I was inclined to.

The tilt steering wheel puts the steering wheel where is would be best for you. All of the gauges work. There is good oil pressure at idle at operating temperature. The duel electric fans keep the water temperature in a good range. The voltmeter shows the charging system charging at 13.2 volts with the lights on. The tachometer and speedometer also work correctly. The two dome spotlights work on either side of the main light. The lighter on the bottom of the dash does work for your charger etc. There are no turn signals on the front of the car, but there are rear turn signals. The headlights and taillights/running lights, and brake lights do work properly. The car starts right up every time, nice and easy. There are switches in the dash for the power windows and the electric rumble seat opener. All of these work smooth and without binding or strain. The a/c system is all there, but not charged. There is no heat in this car, but there is space to easily add it if you wanted to have heat, or talk to us about the add. Both doors open and close nicely. The outside handles are shaved, and there is a hidden button to roll the drivers window down to gain access to the car, once you know where the hidden button is, it is easy to access it.

We have a full hood and hood sides, see the pics, for the car. They are easily added and removed for the look you like. I prefer the hood off look, to see the cool Cal Custom valve covers and engine. But the hood is easily put on by one person with no skills for weather, or the look you like in a matter of minutes. There is a interior hood release, so when the hood is on and closed, all is secure. The hood and sides all line up well when installed.

The body of the car is straight. The car was on a magazine cover at one time. The car had a nice gloss pink paint job on it before the previous owner satin blacked the car out. The car was carefully lightly block sanded by hand, to keep the car straight for the repaint. So there is a nice easy base to repaint the car if you wanted to do that ever. This is NOT the typical rough satin blacked beat wavy body that is associated with most satin cars.

When you walk around the car it looks solid and good. It also looks solid under the car. Check all the pictures out. The chrome dropped straight axle is super cool. Way cooler than modern independent suspension. It has the right look and feel, what should be there.

. The chrome rear four link makes the car hook up and drive very very nicely. The stainless fuel tank gets rid of rusty gas issues. We just put brand new bushings in the suspension, front and rear.

Let's go for a drive. The car fires right up with no puff of smoke. It sounds great, a nice tone, but not too loud. The car rides nice down the road. There are no funny noises from the engine, trans, or rear. It cruises nice at 70 miles per hour. When I stomp it to the floor off the light, the engine sounds great and the transmission does not slip, it shifts just as it should through the gears and shift points. When I slam the brakes on the car stops straight.

There is also a hidden kill switch on the outside of the car for extra security. There are no leaks in the car. No big oil puddles, no leaking radiator, the oil looks good, the coolant looks good. The transmission fluid looks and smells nice and sweet, not burnt.

This is a very cool 36 ready for some fun. Don't do a thing, just drive the socks off of it right now, or do your own custom touches.

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Wil Sakowski

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