Lakester  Tank   . 
year: 1950, 1K miles
0 cylinders, Manual transmission
white with white interior

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The Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank California has amassed an incredible collection of classic cars, hot rods, land speed race cars, parts, and projects. They have a real knack for finding some amazing and rare items from the past. however, space is becoming an issue. So in order to make some room and concentrate on their primary pursuit of Land Speed racing, the Old Crow speed shop has contacted Sakowski Motors Los Angeles to auction off some of the treasures. Considering that they never sale anything, this is definitely a rare opportunity.

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We have many other items up for sale, search our "other items" to see our other Old Crow auction items, and Sakowski Motors items for sale.

United States Air Force Drop Tank. Ready to be used for a Bonneville Salt Flats Lakester body for the S.C.T.A., Southern California Timing Association.

It must be designed to let your race car go as arrow straight at way faster than you are going to go because the aerodynamic shape is courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

This is what the land speed record holder Bobby Green has to say about this tank,

"This is a great tank for building a Land Speed Lakester out of. It has the classic Polywog shape of the famous P-38 tank used in post war racing, and it has the same 36" diameter, but it's a little better because it's about 2 ' longer, which gives you more room for all the internals. With the size of this tank, you would be able to fit a modern V8 or Big block motor, and still have great aerodynamics. I don't know what plane this tank is from, but it's the only one I've ever seen. I would have definitely used this tank to build my lakester had I found it a few years ago."

Make a race car and get a land speed record at Bonneville, El Mirage, The Maxton Mile ( on the East Coast ), or The Texas Mile.

The width of the tank is 36 inches, and it is 16 feet 5 inches long. The picture with the wheels is just a mock up picture. The tank is made out of aluminum.

This is the perfect base to start you next project with, and to start your journey to Bonneville.

$ 5000 

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