Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4x4 
year: 1970, 60000K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
Yellow with Black interior

Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4x4
year: 1970,
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
Yellow with Black interior


Yellow 4x4 1970 Chevy Blazer

We just found this all original survivor, perfect for cruising around with air conditioning and driving on the beach with fully functional 4 wheel drive. Every piece of documentation has been saved, starting with the original bill of sale and factory build sheet(pictures at the bottom). It even has the original Protecto-Plate. This car has been kept in very impressive maintained survivor shape. This has always been a taken care of, unrusted truck. A rare find. Check out the videos below and take it for a ride...

As we walk around the Blazer you will notice that the entire body is really clean. Check the seams, nooks and crannies in the pictures. Look really close at the doors, hood, engine compartment and tailgate. Every body panel is in great shape and all line up great with even gaps all around and no major rust. The fresh sunny yellow paint job is in good condition. I can't stress enough what great care has been taken to keep this car in shape. It's rare to find such a survivor in original condition, and to have all the original documentation and every maintenance receipt over its lifetime. We included some pictures of the documents below as well.

The headlights, turn signals, brake lights and all exterior lights work perfectly. The doors shut and line up great as well as the hood and tailgate. Everything is in good working order.

One thing that most people have been interested in is whether or not the top is removable. The top is made to be able to be put on and off using simple tools so that most anyone could do it(may need help lifting off and on the truck). However a previous owner sealed the top to the body all the way around for a weather tight seal. As it sits right now, it does not leak at all and you can barely even tell that the top is removable from the inside. The seal could easily be broke, cutting down the edge of the body using a razor, but this is something that is 100% up to you, and so we are leaving it the way it is for you to decide.

The interior is all black, mostly cloth and carpet with bucket seats in front, and a bench in the back row. You can see the original Patina, showing it has always been taken care of. LOTS of room for your gear. All the original hardware is there except for replacement steering wheel and sound system (likely an 80s tape deck with 2 speakers).

It has a 350cu V8 with Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmission. The engine and transmission are both in great shape. The engine cranks easily, idles smoothly and drives very nicely. The transmission shifts easily into all gears and doesn't slip or grind. No smoke or funny noises. Fluids (oil, transmission, coolant, steering) and lines are checked, everything looks good with no leaks. Working 4x4 (locking hubs) looks to be hardly used, definitely no real off-roading done in this truck but it could surely handle it. The motor sounds awesome at idle or higher revs, with dual pipes coming out the back.

Driving the Blazer is a real joy. The motor has always started up right away, no hesitation or smoke. When you begin driving you will notice how effortlessly this truck drives. Plenty of power from the V8 is delivered very smoothly to all four wheels. Switching between four or two wheel drive is easy, especially knowing that the four wheel drive was barely ever used.

It drives like a truck much newer than it really is. Power steering provides a great feel driving through the corners as well as around town. The brakes have plenty of life left in them and bring the truck to a stop very quickly. The car does not pull in any direction and still tracks straight even as you need to come to a stop abruptly. The suspension is very comfortable and can be perfect for a double duty truck. You can drive to the trails or the beach and enjoy a great off road vehicle, then on the way home you can pick up the family and not get any complaints no matter where you take it.

We have done a very detailed inspection, going over all the common wear and maintenance items. You can tell the truck has been taken care of since it was new, and it currently does not need anything to be enjoyed just the way it is.

########## The underside is really impressive for an untouched underside. We were very tempted to give a quick corrosion treatment and paint the underside, which would look great and preserve the truck; but we wanted you to be able to see just how untouched and unrestored the underside is. This Blazer is very rare and pretty incredible compared to similar trucks of this age. Check out the pictures below and you can really inspect it for yourself.

This head-turning truck would make a fun weekend toy, but also has the reliability of a daily driver.


Scroll down for pictures of original paperwork, including the Bill of sale.

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I have been driving this Blazer as my driver this week. What a fun pleasant truck to drive!


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