PullMax P-9 P-9 . 
year: 1982, 0K miles
0 cylinders, Automatic transmission
Blue. with Blue. interior


I have decided to include a LOWER TOOL HOLDER,
so now you can set the shrinking die tooling right in etc...  

We are selling our working Pullmax P-9. It is a 1981 Pullmax AB American SMT. Model P-95L / 48". Serial number 62500-08. The motor is currently setup to run on a standard 220/230 volt setup which can easily be used in the average home or shop. It runs and operates great, and does not leak. This exact unit we have was in a United States Air Force repair facility, and it was used as a backup repair unit so it has very low hours compared to the machines that were used in production facilities. This is in great shape and is one of the nicer ones left. The air lift is working good utilizing the foot pedal. This will include multiple shrinking dies and shanks, necessary wrenches, and two books. One book is a Pullmax instruction manual, the other is a universal metal machine handbook. It comes with correct shanks that are used to make your own tooling. 
Motor is a 3 phase 230 volt which is rated at 5.5hp(4kw) at 3440 rpms, 5.5hp(4kw) at 1720 rpms, and 4hp(3kw) at 840 rpms.

Universal Sheet Metal Machine Handbook
Written by Fay Butler and Jonas Noble. From Fay Butler Fabrications/Metal Shaping.TM

The Universal Plate-Worker
American Pullmax Co inc.

Most accessories, tools, and dies can be purchased from Clay Cook Enterprises as needed. (www.ccookenterprises.com)

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Here is a video of the unit running and operating.

Tons of pictures below, thanks for viewing.


Here are some photos of the lower tool holder included with the PullMax, and two brand new collets.

Here you can see the manufacturing plate, as well as where the unit was stamped to be property of the USAF.



These are the two included books/manuals.


These are the shanks, dies and an included wrench.




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