ARDUN Heads Ford  Flathead 
year: 1950, 1K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
cast with cast interior

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Ardun Heads-

Early style Ardun Ford Flathead Aluminum Racing Heads. These are in stock condition, with no modifications, numbered 176 and 177 respectively.

If you need a P-38 Tank to put these in, or intake or exhaust manifold etc. Sakowski Motors, Los Angeles, CA can help you with all your needs. Early style Ardun Ford Flathead Aluminum Racing Heads. These are in stock condition, with no modifications, numbered 176 and 177 respectively. creator, Zora ARkus DUNtov "A popular modification for the flathead was conversion to an overhead-valve configuration, and many such modification kits were available, including the Ardun heads[8] from Zora Arkus-Duntov who was to go on to fame as the "father of the Corvette". These conversions were not initially demanded by hot rodders looking for extra power, as they had not yet exhausted the capabilities of the flathead configuration, but were demanded by users of the engine in trucks and other such high load applications, where the constant flow of hot exhaust through the block to the exhaust manifolds caused the entire engine to overheat; the overhead-valve heads routed the exhaust out more directly, and away from the block." ( from Wilkapedia )

Parts included are the heads, valve covers (Ardun logo was milled off), valve train, spark plug tubes, x4 knurled brass retainers and valley cover... what I don’t have is pushrods, lifters, intake and exhaust manifolds.

The heads were taken to a very reputable machine shop in Los Angeles.

Verdict is the heads are virgin... untouched. In stock shape.

The seats and guides are original bronze and the castings show no signs of cracks, corrosion or customization. At this time I can’t say the valves are original to the Ardun, the valves are cut at an unusual 40*, whereas the seats are 30*.... The valve springs on the other hand I believe are original, although unmarked.

The story is that the heads came out of Ohio where the owner ran an engine with these heads for a very brief amount of time, thenpulled them off. Considering their condition, I'd say its a believable scenario. Then they were sold to Norway, then through a couple of hands over the years… until here they are.

Ready for your dream car.

 photo CIMG2320_zpsdc99519d.jpg  photo CIMG2321_zpsef695cc8.jpg  photo CIMG2329_zps3f311861.jpg  photo CIMG2331_zps0e11c7ee.jpg  photo CIMG2332_zpseab767e7.jpg  photo CIMG2335_zps24ea2916.jpg  photo CIMG2354_zps53b73e1b.jpg  photo CIMG2357_zps985e7caf.jpg  photo CIMG2359_zps358a3b90.jpg  photo CIMG2360_zps7f37d1a0.jpg  photo CIMG2361_zps8f4e6273.jpg  photo CIMG2362_zps212a5a20.jpg  photo CIMG2364_zpsf9f2a296.jpg  photo CIMG2365_zps591a7bb4.jpg  photo CIMG2366_zpsa3c64965.jpg  photo CIMG2367_zps3ab80ecd.jpg  photo CIMG2368_zps3e219040.jpg  photo CIMG2318_zpsee6d96f0.jpg  photo IMG_6996_zps38c1c6d5.jpg  photo IMG_7008_zps02d07751.jpg  photo CIMG2323_zpsb782c472.jpg  photo CIMG2325_zpsf9324d7c.jpg  photo CIMG2326_zps4b7decae.jpg  photo CIMG2327_zps08ae8629.jpg  photo CIMG2330_zpsc108afce.jpg  photo CIMG2333_zps3b9b1808.jpg  photo CIMG2334_zpsc46a5cbd.jpg  photo CIMG2336_zps6e523cd5.jpg  photo CIMG2337_zps63773497.jpg  photo CIMG2338_zpse1552d92.jpg  photo CIMG2339_zps7b43c499.jpg  photo CIMG2340_zpsfaf0eb40.jpg  photo CIMG2341_zpsa088ca06.jpg  photo CIMG2342_zps003beb96.jpg  photo CIMG2343_zpsa00a25e5.jpg  photo CIMG2344_zps500a85e6.jpg  photo CIMG2345_zpsf2294f74.jpg  photo CIMG2346_zpse68481ff.jpg  photo CIMG2348_zpsf822a7eb.jpg  photo CIMG2349_zps2973838b.jpg  photo CIMG2350_zpscd940eee.jpg  photo CIMG2351_zps0e049c4a.jpg  photo CIMG2352_zps2a0edc3d.jpg  photo CIMG2353_zpsbc285f4e.jpg  photo CIMG2355_zps6871bf71.jpg  photo CIMG2411_zpsa344ba05.jpg  photo CIMG2417_zps782dfb99.jpg  photo CIMG2419_zps68307ed5.jpg  photo CIMG2370_zpsba6a14d8.jpg  photo CIMG2371_zps74deb85b.jpg  photo CIMG2372_zps8e875f44.jpg  photo CIMG2373_zpsc2682708.jpg  photo CIMG2374_zps7ed11587.jpg  photo CIMG2376_zpsf1c8ade1.jpg  photo CIMG2377_zps239c4c8f.jpg  photo CIMG2378_zps6ccef69e.jpg  photo CIMG2379_zps1ada4db9.jpg  photo CIMG2381_zps3e678514.jpg  photo CIMG2382_zpsd179d188.jpg  photo CIMG2383_zps010d40b9.jpg  photo CIMG2384_zpsf08f2229.jpg  photo CIMG2385_zpsd0166446.jpg  photo CIMG2386_zpsaac71f4a.jpg  photo CIMG2387_zps0dcf2cae.jpg  photo CIMG2389_zps466e51dc.jpg  photo CIMG2391_zpse45ef039.jpg  photo CIMG2392_zps1c68bebe.jpg  photo CIMG2394_zpsae94eed0.jpg  photo CIMG2396_zps27dd18c2.jpg  photo CIMG2397_zps69ea7d64.jpg  photo CIMG2398_zps66a55946.jpg  photo CIMG2399_zps14d72deb.jpg  photo CIMG2400_zps1695ecd6.jpg  photo CIMG2401_zpsdd022673.jpg  photo CIMG2402_zpsd2cef4db.jpg  photo CIMG2403_zps5668b164.jpg  photo CIMG2404_zpsbdbd3c09.jpg  photo CIMG2406_zpsfb09f8d7.jpg  photo CIMG2412_zps1bb6e085.jpg  photo CIMG2420_zps52d0586d.jpg  photo CIMG2422_zpsa3d505b6.jpg  photo CIMG2424_zps8d4bf07a.jpg

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