Harley Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic 
year: 2009, 35K miles
2 cylinders, Manual transmission
Black with Black interior

SOLD SOLD vin 021395

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2009 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic

Wide Glide front end with Headlight, Fog Lights and Turn signals
Plush, studded leather solo saddle
Passenger seat with backrest
Matching studded leather saddle bags
Soft tail suspension for the classic hard tail look
Tires are nearly new and show very little wear
High rise handlebars with thick padded grips
Forward controls with floorboards for all day comfort
Deep black paint is immaculate

96 Cubic Inch V Twin
6 Speed Cruise Drive Transmission
Electronic Fuel Injection
Chrome dual exhaust
Disc brakes front and rear
Aftermarket Exhaust for more rumble

This 2009 Heritage Classic has been cared for and well maintained its entire life. Timeless styling and a comfortable seating position make it the perfect bike for cruising around town or a weekend away! Deep black paint and minimalist styling ad to the unique look and feel of this bike. Thickly padded leather solo saddle and matching tank strap complete the vintage look. Matching passenger seat and studded leather saddle bags allow you to take someone along on your adventure. Backrest and brackets not included. This Soft Tail Heritage Classic represents timeless style. From the plush solo saddle and spoke rims to the concealed rear suspension this model is all about experiencing the past. A modern fuel injected 96ci engine and smooth shifting six speed transmission give it modern performance. The engine runs great and the transmission shifts like it has had easy miles its whole life. It tracks in a nice straight line right down the highway. Front and rear disc brakes slow things down with authority. Steering is light and precise around town or out on the road. Tires are nearly new and the rims are true and blemish free. High rise handlebars and generous floorboards fall comfortably into place. The large chrome front forks with prominent headlight, fog, and running lights lead the way giving you confidence on any road. American engineering and Harley Davidson pedigree make this bike a stylish, comfortable head turner. Recently registered and plated in California, good until September 2014!


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Includes saddle bags, windscreen and passenger seat as seen in photos.


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