Land Speed Bonneville P38 Race Bike 600cc Drop Tank Sidecar Land Speed Racer 
year: 2010, 1K miles
4 cylinders, Manual transmission
Green with Grey interior


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P38 Special Construction 500cc A/PG Land Speed Bike

This Land Speed motorcycle was custom built by renowned Bonneville racer Ronnie Scroggins in 2010 for the Bonnefied Land Speed Racing team. A record holding motorcycle, it was based off of a WWII P-38 drop tank which encloses the entire machine. The frame was specially constructed to run as a side car streamliner and has housed multiple different engines while competing in several classes. It has run with a 500cc air cooled single, all the way to a 750cc three cylinder snow mobile engine!

Tires are nearly new and rated to 150mph, although properly set up the bike is estimated to be capable of speeds in excess of 170mph. Ronnie personally has had the bike up to 150mph in 5th gear while hovering around 10,000rpm. The GSXR 600 engine has one more gear and another 5000rpm to go! The bike is a solid starting point to live out your own land speed racing dreams! Ronnie says he is letting it go to focus his attention elsewhere in the shop and is leaving it to you to race and develop the bike to it's full potential!


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We really like real 32-34 Fords, Original Indian Motorcycles, Vintage Airstream trailers, Harley Davidson Motorcycles....

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Team History and Records

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Overview - áthe high bars in some pictures clip on to make it easier moving around

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Detail á

 photo DSC01217_zpsc682c7d5.jpg  photo DSC01218_zpsa63d628d.jpg  photo DSC01219_zps02a5c720.jpg  photo DSC01220_zps498f9d7f.jpg  photo DSC01221_zps15334b6f.jpg  photo DSC01222_zps46b94961.jpg  photo DSC01223_zpsac9e0879.jpg  photo DSC01224_zps9488a1bb.jpg  photo DSC01225_zps51d0449f.jpg  photo DSC01226_zpsf466bc37.jpg  photo DSC01227_zps677a7d45.jpg  photo DSC01228_zpsbaddeef9.jpg  photo DSC01229_zps690b1926.jpg  photo DSC01230_zps2a6a13eb.jpg  photo DSC01231_zps04868388.jpg  photo DSC01232_zpsf016e5b1.jpg  photo DSC01233_zps64763780.jpg  photo DSC01234_zpsf5fae904.jpg  photo DSC01235_zps0310f57a.jpg  photo DSC01236_zpse5fde815.jpg  photo DSC01237_zps62894ddc.jpg  photo DSC01238_zps04598f59.jpg  photo DSC01239_zps8bea75ff.jpg  photo DSC01240_zps8e76ccbb.jpg  photo DSC01241_zps348da33c.jpg  photo DSC01267_zpsa1fb8c29.jpg  photo DSC01268_zps858c79f3.jpg  photo DSC01269_zpsc0ee6d45.jpg  photo DSC01270_zps2e385549.jpg  photo DSC01271_zps5c03e368.jpg  photo DSC01272_zps1505e32e.jpg  photo DSC01273_zpsb9b88bfa.jpg  photo DSC01274_zps50f593d2.jpg

Plans and Specifications
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