Chevy Camaro SS 
year: 1969, 16K miles
8 cylinders, Manual transmission
silver with black interior



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1969 Camaro Big Block 4 speed Restorod A/C, p/s, 4 wheel power disc brakes, tubular front suspension and 4 link rear, coil overs all around

New black custom restorod interior with bucket seats
Custom dash
Aftermarket AM/FM Sound System
New Autometer Fuel, Oil, Speedometer, Odometer, Volts and Temp gauges all function.
New steering wheel and tilt steering column
Seats and interior panels in good condition, no rips or cracks.
New black carpet shows very little fading or wear.
4 Speed Floor shifter and console in great condition.
New weatherstripping for doors and trunk
New window felts
Battery located to the rear behind removable panel in trunk

SS 396 badging and appearance upgrades.
New silver metallic paint with black racing stripes
Headlights, tail lights and blinkers all work and are in excellent shape.
Aluminum polished Torquethrust Wheels
Windows and Windshield glass are in excellent condition
Windows crank up and down smoothly.
Grates, Grills and badges are in great shape
Doors and Hinges all in top form, function as expected.
Chrome is in fantastic shape with no pitting.

Fresh 454 Big Block V8 Engine
4 Barrel Demon Carburetor
Aluminum Intake
Ceramic Coasted Headers
Electronic HEI Ignition
4 Speed Manual Transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
Aluminum Radiator with electric fans
Power Steering
Four wheel power disc brakes
Custom dual exhaust gives it a nice growl
Power Steering


This 1969 Camaro Resto Rod is in great condition and has it all.  It was recently restored and runs and drives great with all the modern upgrades.  It has a Big Block and 4 Speed transmission with Air Conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable as you carve the canyons with the modern suspension, modern power steering, and then smoothly stop with 4 wheel modern power disc brakes at the bottom of the mountain.

Paint and striping are fresh and in nice shape and smooth. I would classify this car's condition as a fresh nice driver. The body is straight, with good gaps and only minor touch ups here and there. The body is a solid metal body that is not full of bondo etc..  The chrome is bright and blemish free.  Pop open the hood and check out the engine bay. You'll find it's just as clean here as everywhere else. A new battery, modern alternator and a freshly tuned big block 454 motor complete the package.  The 454 has polished pulleys and drive system, performance intake, carburetor, headers, and duel exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers that sound great.  This Camaro has all the goodies under the hood. The engine makes great power and the transmission shifts smoothly into gear and works exactly as it should like it has been treated well it's entire life.  The car has a nice balance of power and driveability.

The tires are almost new and fitted to period 5 spoke aftermarket polished Torque Thrust aluminum rims. Very little Rust or Corrosion in crucial areas.   The floors have been replaced.  We have gone through this car at our shop and made sure it was tightened up and ready for fun.  We completed a day long 532 Point Inspection on the car so we know what we are selling to the best of of our ability, and so we can tighten up anything that needs to be taken care of.   The weather stripping has all been replaced and is new. All the doors close in a snug and sealed fashion with the new modern weatherstripping.  All the doors and trunk lock correctly.  The
door sills are in very nice shape.  The windows are manual and go up and down effortlessly. Perfect for cruising up and down the Pacific Coast Highway or just about anywhere!


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