Ford Shoebox 2 Door 
year: 1950, 99K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
Gray Metallic with Gray and Red interior

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1950 Ford Shoebox Mild Mooneys Custom, Modern front clip, 350 V8, Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Modern Automatic Transmission and rear differential

metal flake steering wheel on a tilt steering column
Front and rear windows roll up and down, interior door handles all work
grey interior in good shape, just a little wear on the driver seat area
new red carpet with Mooneyes floormats, with insulation / sound deadener underneath
modern sound system with 6x9s in the rear deck, amplifier to plug your iphone into
front seat slides forward and back for tall or short people. Chromed sides to front seat
Original speedometer works, fuel gauge works
Nice new Mooneyes gauge cluster under dash for: volts, oil pressure, water temperature.   all work
Mooneyes tachometer works on dash
turn signals, running lights, headlights work including dimmer switch
new led brighter rear brakes lights work
fresh air ducts under dash for fresh outside air blow lots of cool air on your legs when open
modernized updated electric windshield wipers
button for Augahh horn
interior side dome lights work
Aircraft style new seatbelts in front,  3 new seatbelts in back
door locks work with key
dash is solid and in good shape
no heater, traditional air conditioning = windows

glossy gunmetal grey metallic paint
shaved / decked    hood emblem and most trim
a couple of scratches and imperfections.. but very nice looking
paint not full of trash, nice driver quality, not show car, but nice
no big dents, scratch on driver door at bottom, some paint cracks on hood mostly where hood ornament was
nice chrome on front and rear bumpers
new stainless steel grill
good uncracked glass
nice looking functional lakes pipes if you uncork at ends, or exhaust runs out back through chrome tips
Body is a very solid body.. was painted about 5 years ago and still looks great, no major rust issues coming back etc.. solid, not full of bondo at all
Solid metal floors have been replaced in some areas.  solid metal job.  No rust holes underneath etc.. driver quality underside
Good tires, custom hubcaps and steel wheels with beauty rings
trunk opens and closes correctly and locks with key

Front 1970's Volare front frame clip and suspension
Dropped spindles in front keep the geometry correct and front low
modern 350 automatic 3 speed transmission
More modern rear differential with highway cruising gear.
about 1.5 inch rake in the back.  Could put block in the rear. 2" for under level, 3" for good drag in the rear, would really lower the whole car
hot rod stance now
Power Steering, Power Front Disc Brakes, drum rear
All in solid driver shape

350 Chevy engine runs great and cool
no funny noises, great oil pressure
giant aluminum oversized radiator keeps in running cool as you want
Electric fan
4 barrel Edelbrock Carburetor
remote pressure regulator
aluminum Edelbrock intake
new duel exhaust sounds great out under the rear bumper, or uncork the working lakes pipes for a rumble
MSD electronic ignition box, MSD distributor, MSD coil
Aluminum Finned valve covers, breather, and air cleaner
modern alternator
Optima Battery

Overview - Walk Around
I am going to give you a walk around the car.  As if you were standing here with me and I am giving you the run down on the car.

As we walk up to the car it looks great. Like it was just painted.  As we are right up on it, you can see there are a couple chips here and there.  But not a lot.  And there is a touched up scratch on the drivers door, and some paint cracks on the hood where the emblem was shaved year ago and a couple other minor imperfections.  But the car looks great.  The paint is fresh and glossy looking.  The chrome bumpers and new stainless grill glow.  The driver's door handles do look older as they are original.   There are dents or real dings on the car.  I put my head close to the rear quarter panel and look down the sides and it looks straight.  Not all bumpy and wavy.  It is not a 20k paint job etc.. but very nice driver and presentable.  I could ( and have ) drive it to the Mooneys car show, or any drive in show and it would look presentable and nice.  We drove this car to the Mooneys show when it was still at the old Mooneyes store years ago, to the next location, and lastly years ago to the current location at the race track.. great memories..    I try all the keys in the doors and trunk to make sure I could lock it, and they all work.

I open the door which opens and closes great. Then I sit in the drivers seat, slide the seat back for lots of room since I am big and tall.  The interior is clean and nice.  There is a little wear on the driver's area.  But that means it has been enjoyed. Very spacious.  The engine fires right up and sounds good.  No noises at start up while it warms up.
Still sounds great after it warms up and I rasp the throttle some, actually sounds great out of those duel exhaust.  Nice mellow tone, until you rasp it.  And with the lakes pipes uncorked it sounds just mean. 

I get back in and put the car in gear.  No clunks.  I try reverse.. still transmission and drivetrain sounds good.  I turn on all the lights, check the brake and turn signal lights and all work.  Lets take a spin.  As I pull out of the big dip in the drive onto the main road the suspension doesn't clunk on this test.  All sounds and feels tight.  I accelerate hard and it is smooth fun through all the gears.  The trans shifts as it should.  Pulling on the LA freeway it takes the long sweeping turn on the on ramp nicely at 50 mph...  even when there way a big bump in the road.  Now traffic is flying down the LA freeway....  but we are in the fastlane just cruising.... purring along...   as she has on many long road trips.  Not too loud cruising because of the sound deadening under the carpet.. all is good...  engine sounds great.. not too loud..  well it is all good until the modern cars in front of us slam on the brakes... and from flying to a dead stop in front of us..  there is the sudden panic as I remember I am in a 1950 Ford.  My worries fade as I apply the power disc brakes..  the 50 just track straight and comes to a hard but smooth stop.  All good.  Well that didn't happen today, but has many times....  I pull back into the shop after the freeway run and easily park with the power steering.  Look under the car and all is still dry.  No puddles, no drips, no overheating... all good.

This is a great car that we hate to sell, but we can't keep them all.  About 15 years ago my girlfriend and I flew out across the USA to a place by St Louis that has lots of cars for sale.
We showed up and the car was nothing as described in the ad, or in long detailed documented phone conversation.  I pulled out my 5 pages of notes from our conversations where I asked most of the questions like I listed above.. and they were almost all bold faced lies.  Horrible buying experience, and they were rude to boot.  But I was not going to let it kill our dream.. and I was young and ready to play the hero... so we limped that car home across the country.  Drive for an hour or so.. replace a waterpump on the side of the road for an hour or so.. then it was the cooling system.. then it was electrical... then.... and so on... well we had a great time and finally made it home.
Luckily I have a hot rod shop... so much work was done on the car over the years.  Until it was transformed into what you see today.

Later on we got married and even brought our first born home from the hospital in Santa Monica in this 50 Ford!

After about 7 years as a daily driver on the LA Freeways and one other state.. and many trips to Texas and across the country a couple of times..... and expecting our 2nd child.... my wife decided 2 doors would be too hard as a daily driver with a newborn coming and infant in the rear seats.. we needed 4 doors..
So we sold the car to some great folks who used in as a fun weekend car who loved and improved it more, with the agreement that they would give us a shot if they ever sell it.
Well, one day 5 years later we go the call and jumped at the chance to buy it back.  It has been a great car to have back, and is currently our family car once again.
But we are looking to move into a 1950's Suburban that is similar in set up to have more room for dogs, surfboards, gear, etc...
So when the right person comes along ready to make some history in this car, we are ready to move her on for another adventure. 
Just give us a call one day when she is ready for another chapter.  Maybe it will be one of my daughter's first cars.


SHIPPING: Buyer pays all shipping, but I am happy to assist in any way I can. I have shippers I can refer you to that ship cars regularly for me all over the USA, and all over the world.

All of our cars are sold where is - as is. With no warranty. All vehicle sales are subject to a $80 processing fee. I do my best to give you as accurate information as possible. I do welcome you to set up an appointment to have the car inspected. I prefer to pick this car to pieces for your inspector, for you, or over the phone.
Feel free to have your mechanic call me.
I can also SKYPE with you with live video conference, and show you the car this way. I don't want you to buy the car unless I am assured you will be very happy with it, and you know exactly what you are buying.
Please call if you have any questions.

NOTICE: Sakowski Motors refuses to accept any deposit, payment, or complete any sale until we are 150% sure you will be extremely happy with your purchase. This includes a long phone conversation with us both going over all the pictures in detail together while talking about the item. Accepting Interesting Trades: Such as real 32-34 Fords, Original Indian Motorcycles, Vintage Airstream trailers,....

email: info@SAKOWSKIMOTORS.COM phone: (310) 978-9558

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Asking $22,500

$ 22500 

Call us now at 310.978.9558

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