Ford Model A  Tudor Sedan 
year: 1929, 1K miles
8 cylinders, Manual transmission
Grey with Tan interior

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1929 Ford Tudor 2 Door Sedan - RESTORED



Nice new interior cloth on seats and new carpet
Dash and interior freshly painted
All factory chrome trim is bright
Window cranks, door handles, front window latches,  all function properly


Glossy fresh paint

Vinyl on roof in excellent shape
Headlights and tail lights all function
Wheels look great and with new tires
Windows and Windshield glass are in excellent condition with next to no chips or cracks
Beautiful chromed bumpers
Original 1929 grill has some blemishes, but is an original piece!
Doors and hinges all work smoothly and solidly


stock rebuilt 4 cyl engine
stock rebuilt transmission
stock rebuilt rear differential
stock rebuilt brakes
runs, shifts, drives, and brakes great!

150 PICTURES BELOW - Videos Below

This 1929 Ford Model A Tudor 2 door sedan is in great restored condition.  The stock rebuilt: engine, transmission, rear differential, brakes, wiring, and suspension will take you on many great rides and trips while sitting comfortably in it's fresh redone and refurbished interior.  While riding on fresh new tires with the motor purring down the road.

Paint is fresh and in nice shape. The original Henry Ford body is straight and with solid metal.   The chrome is bright and with few blemishes.  Pop open the hood and check out the engine bay. You'll find it's just as clean here as everywhere else. The stock 4 cylinder engine makes sounds and runs great with no funny noises or smoke.  The transmission shifts smoothly into gear and works exactly as it should like it has been treated well it's entire life.  The rebuilt suspension keeps this car solid on the road, while the rebuilt stock brakes stop it soundly.

The tires are  new and fitted to original style steel wire wheels.  The weather stripping has all been replaced and is new. All the doors close in a snug and correct fashion.   The door sills are in very nice shape.  The windows are manual and go up and down effortlessly. Perfect for cruising up and down the Pacific Coast Highway or just about anywhere!

There are some imperfections on this car, and we've gone over this car with a fine tooth comb and will detail them here for you. The original grill has some blemishing as seen in the pictures below.  The driver's door hinge as a flake/chip in it  The right front fender has a small chip that was touched up.  On one running board there is a scratch that was touched up that is about 3/4 of an inch long.  This car is not perfect, but a nicely restored fresh beautiful car.

SHIPPING: Buyer pays all shipping, but I am happy to assist in any way I can. I have shippers I can refer you to that ship cars regularly for me all over the USA, and all over the world.

All of our cars are sold where is - as is. With no warranty. All vehicle sales are subject to an $80 processing fee. I do my best to give you as accurate information as possible. I do welcome you to set up an appointment to have the car inspected. I prefer to pick this car to pieces for your inspector, for you, or over the phone.
Feel free to have your mechanic call me.

I can also SKYPE with you with live video conference, and show you the car this way. I don't want you to buy the car unless I am assured you will be very happy with it, and you know exactly what you are buying.
Please call if you have any questions.

NOTICE: Sakowski Motors refuses to accept any deposit, payment, or complete any sale until we are 150% sure you will be extremely happy with your purchase. This includes a long phone conversation with us both going over all the pictures in detail together while talking about the item.

Accepting Interesting Trades: Such as real 32-34 Fords, Original Indian Motorcycles, Vintage Airstream trailers,....

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 photo DSCN0103_zpsf31ff691.jpg photo DSCN0104_zps6952797f.jpg photo DSCN0105_zps57b2eaa4.jpg photo DSCN0106_zpseba3096d.jpg photo DSCN0107_zpsed585004.jpg photo DSCN0108_zps9bfe5d53.jpg photo DSCN0109_zps946a4f6e.jpg photo DSCN0110_zpsedffa5b8.jpg photo DSCN0111_zps0d53595e.jpg photo DSCN0112_zps91554043.jpg photo DSCN0113_zps6222b52a.jpg photo DSCN0114_zps46570cce.jpg photo DSCN0115_zps033566fe.jpg photo DSCN0116_zps07abf2bf.jpg photo DSCN0117_zps4cbac52f.jpg photo DSCN0118_zpsdfa13121.jpg photo DSCN0119_zps108f6c0f.jpg

 photo DSCN0120_zps3a26082a.jpg photo DSCN0121_zpsfdb5ddeb.jpg photo DSCN0122_zpsd43a7eab.jpg photo DSCN0123_zpsc5f8c252.jpg photo DSCN0124_zps7d4f7e12.jpg photo DSCN0125_zpsd751fded.jpg photo DSCN0126_zpsdeda09e7.jpg photo DSCN0127_zpsef0742cf.jpg photo DSCN0128_zps1676d523.jpg photo DSCN0129_zps2bf22971.jpg photo DSCN0130_zpsd8e081bc.jpg photo DSCN0131_zps30cdd8b6.jpg photo DSCN0132_zpsaa188db7.jpg photo DSCN0133_zps8c43a768.jpg photo DSCN0134_zpsc912a162.jpg photo DSCN0135_zps2078456d.jpg photo DSCN0136_zps66dcdaed.jpg photo DSCN0137_zpsb0a37f91.jpg photo DSCN0138_zpsc0f72ea8.jpg photo DSCN0139_zps1951e584.jpg photo DSCN0140_zps1ffa39e5.jpg photo DSCN0141_zpsaa8567a3.jpg photo DSCN0142_zpsf2a228d1.jpg photo DSCN0143_zpsad54e130.jpg photo DSCN0144_zps720ad859.jpg photo DSCN0145_zps3197bab0.jpg photo DSCN0146_zpsc82bfb1a.jpg photo DSCN0147_zpsd5eed726.jpg photo DSCN0148_zps3bde9acd.jpg photo DSCN0149_zps7cf9a3e3.jpg photo DSCN0150_zps48ec9a8f.jpg photo DSCN0151_zpsbfc65287.jpg photo DSCN0152_zpsb733b543.jpg photo DSCN0153_zpsbbf2c019.jpg photo DSCN0154_zpsa12d2f3b.jpg photo DSCN0155_zps7e9837ce.jpg photo DSCN0156_zps80a457f5.jpg photo DSCN0157_zpse2b014ee.jpg photo DSCN0158_zpsb04f62d7.jpg photo DSCN0159_zps5087076e.jpg photo DSCN0160_zps2f291d45.jpg photo DSCN0161_zpsadb9c270.jpg photo DSCN0162_zps37f543b5.jpg photo DSCN0163_zps96849806.jpg photo DSCN0164_zps588a0c6c.jpg photo DSCN0165_zps96b6138b.jpg photo DSCN0166_zps3ebf5992.jpg photo DSCN0167_zpsc5655038.jpg photo DSCN0168_zps779a2de9.jpg

 photo DSCN0169_zpsa0bb06c6.jpg photo DSCN0170_zps493c4b37.jpg photo DSCN0171_zpsf2e052b6.jpg photo DSCN0173_zpsa6cd1667.jpg photo DSCN0175_zps123b1a44.jpg photo DSCN0176_zps126045e7.jpg photo DSCN0177_zpsa45e6005.jpg photo DSCN0178_zps256abe8c.jpg photo DSCN0179_zpsd95a6c5b.jpg photo DSCN0180_zpse33fb31b.jpg photo DSCN0181_zps7e335bcd.jpg photo DSCN0182_zpsbc28573f.jpg photo DSCN0183_zps5c162da8.jpg photo DSCN0184_zps6e719330.jpg photo DSCN0185_zps55052d3d.jpg photo DSCN0186_zps42fb2336.jpg photo DSCN0188_zps7a44fbe0.jpg photo DSCN0189_zps1fab45c0.jpg photo DSCN0190_zps0b8d01d1.jpg photo DSCN0191_zpsdd9ed4fa.jpg photo DSCN0192_zps4064e662.jpg photo DSCN0193_zps26b909aa.jpg photo DSCN0194_zps8ab9a15c.jpg


 photo DSCN0195_zps0df491c8.jpg photo DSCN0196_zps807714d4.jpg photo DSCN0197_zps57cb32d6.jpg photo DSCN0198_zpsbd3d9966.jpg photo DSCN0199_zps7fde395c.jpg photo DSCN0200_zps13aca67c.jpg photo DSCN0201_zps95cbdb76.jpg photo DSCN0202_zpsb58600dc.jpg photo DSCN0203_zps1854463a.jpg

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