Cadillac   Convertible Series 62 
year: 1961, 99K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
white with burgundy interior

SOLD 1961 Cadillac Convertible Series 62 Factory Air Conditioning,Just rebuilt engine, rebuilt transmission, power disc brakes, California Car, power steering
OVER 150 PICTURES BELOW -  California Black Plate Air Condition Car

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phone: (310)978-9558 Los Angeles, California. Next to the LAX Airport.

California Black Plate Car, A/C, P/S,  power Disc Brakes, NEW White Wall Radials

1961 Cadillac Convertible -  A/C Car - REBUILT TRANSMISSION - REBUILT ENGINE - REBUILT Rear Suspension
- Air Condition Car - power steering - power top - auto trans
- Black Plate California Car with solid underside
- Wide Whitewall Radial Tires with Power Disc Brakes
- Just rebuilt transmission
- Very Solid Mechanically - lots of work done - great trip taker and driver


Glossy white paint in nice driver quality with just a few imperfections
Very solid metal body,  very solid underside, rockers show a little corrosion
Vinyl convertible top in good shape - goes up and down as should, latches properaly
Headlights, fog lights, tail lights and blinkers all function
Wheels look good
Windows and Windshield glass are in excellent condition with next to no chips or cracks, all operate
Grates and Grills are in great shape
Doors and hinges all work smoothly and solidly, all lock correctly

Air Conditioning car.
Factory gauges all working and function correctly.  Speedo works.
Gauge lights work.
Interior shows some useage, but looks good.  See pictures below.
All factory chrome is there.  Mostly shinny, but some show some wear and age.  None rusted out etc
Interior lights, cigarette lighter, etc all in working order.
Original radio there, lights up, comes on.. but does not work
Window switches, door handles, windows, all function properly


390 V8 Engine 325hp 4 Barrel Carburetor runs and sounds great
Power Steering
Electric convertible top, works solidly without issues
Factory Air Conditioning
original rebuilt 4 speed Automatic transmission

Rear Wheel Drive
Good Exhaust
Upgraded Front Disc Brakes, Rear Drum Brakes
After market Dual Master Cylinder Brake Reservoir and Power Booster
NEW Modern Radial Wide Whitewall Tires with 90% tread left
spare tire
All electrical works
Windshield wipers work
Gas, temperature, and all gauges work and light up
Speedo works

Very solid underside.  The bottom of the car is metal and not patched up or rusted out.
See pictures.


This 1961 Cadillac Convertible Series 62  is in great driver condition.  It is a true black plate California Car. It has the modern power conveniences like air conditioning, power steering, power windows, power seat, and modernized power front disc brakes with NEW radial white wall tires.  It has a 390 cubic inch 325 horsepower REBUILT ENGINE ( November 2015 ) , REBUILT ( November 2014 ) 4 Speed automatic transmission, REBUILT rear suspension (October 2015). Convertible power top works great, and it's a real pleasure to feel the open air while you cruise the highway in this classic beauty. 

The paint is older but shines great.  There are some chips and little touch up spots, as well as some little bubbles on the rockers.  But the underside of the rockers are solid metal as you can see in the pictures.  The body is very solid. I would classify this car's condition as a mechanically great driver, and a good cosmetic driver. The body is straight, with good gaps and some minor touch ups here and there. The body is a solid metal body that is not full of bondo etc..  Most of the chrome is bright and looks good, but there are a couple of pieces like the rear bumper corner piece on the driver's side that the could use a rechroming at some point.  See pictures below.  Pop open the hood and check out the engine bay. You'll find it's very detailed and clean.  A lot of mechanical work has been done on this car.  Lots of replaced bushings and other items as needed.  It is a very maintained car used for around town and one week long out of town cruses.  The 390 engine makes great power and sounds nice and quiet through the exhaust. The transmission shifts smoothly into gear and works exactly as it should like it has been treated well it's entire life.  And don't forget the transmission was just rebuilt (Nov. 2014 )  The car has a nice balance of power and being an ultimate around town or long range cruiser.  Plenty of trunk space!  Even with the spare tire.  Front power disc brakes and power steering will make you feel in control at any speed. 

The low mile white wall modern radial tires with a vintage look t are almost new and fitted to spoke wheels.  We also have the original steel wheels in boxes. The weather stripping still seals everything up. All the doors close in a snug and sealed fashion, latching correctly.   All the doors and trunk lock correctly.  The door sills are in very nice shape. All gauges work properly, and light up at night as they should.  The high and low beam headlights work as well as the indicator for them on the gauge cluster.  The running lights, turn signals, and brake lights also work. The electric windows go up and down effortlessly. Perfect for cruising up and down the Pacific Coast Highway or just about anywhere!

Drivers Seat Bracket modification:  We modified the brackets for the driver's seat because the original seat never really moved back far from the factory.  You would think a Caddy would be for a big guy..  but full sized men are jammed up close to the steering wheel.  Not fun, comfortable or cool looking.  So we moved the seat back for the previous owner who was / is a customer who owned the car.  So we have years of history on this car first servicing it around 2006.  Lots of work has been done over the years to make it the great driver it is now.  Now when a 6'4"  200 - 250 pound man sits in the front seat, you are stretched out and comfortable as you should be, and the power seat will still slide forward for around 5 foot tall person still.
There are 2 seat belts in the front, and 3 in the back seat.

There are some imperfections on this car, and we've gone over this car with a fine tooth comb and will detail them here for you. There are some paint chips on the rear trunk and a tiny tiny ding next to the trunk lock, a couple of chips on the hood have been touched up.There are some rust bubbles on the rockers, but the underside of the rockers are still very solid original metal.  The interior in in good condition, but the older seats show some wear with scuffs, color splotches, and a couple of small tears. These are minor cosmetic imperfections and in no way affect the operation of this car.  Some of the chrome on the bumpers show some wear also, see pics.


SHIPPING: Buyer pays all shipping, but I am happy to assist in any way I can. I have shippers I can refer you to that ship cars regularly for me all over the USA, and all over the world.

All of our cars are sold where is - as is. With no warranty. All vehicle sales are subject to a $80 processing fee. I do my best to give you as accurate information as possible. I do welcome you to set up an appointment to have the car inspected. I prefer to pick this car to pieces for your inspector, for you, or over the phone. Feel free to have your mechanic call me. I can also SKYPE with you with live video conference, and show you the car this way. I don't want you to buy the car unless I am assured you will be very happy with it, and you know exactly what you are buying. Please call if you have any questions.

NOTICE: Sakowski Motors refuses to accept any deposit, payment, or complete any sale until we are 150% sure you will be extremely happy with your purchase. This includes a long phone conversation with us both going over all the pictures in detail together while talking about the item.

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PHONE: (310)978-9558 Los Angeles, California. Next to the LAX Airport.


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 photo DSCN8942_zpsa6182b98.jpg  photo DSCN8943_zps54d73304.jpg  photo DSCN8944_zpsa6964f7d.jpg  photo DSCN8945_zps20cf8011.jpg  photo DSCN8946_zps6dce8ae2.jpg  photo DSCN8947_zps2d285fdf.jpg  photo DSCN8948_zps3ee4dbc3.jpg  photo DSCN8949_zps1d574c38.jpg  photo DSCN8950_zpsba3dffe0.jpg  photo DSCN8951_zps6fb8c367.jpg  photo DSCN8952_zpsadc4a320.jpg  photo DSCN8953_zps3b0c7e88.jpg  photo DSCN8954_zps6214da46.jpg  photo DSCN8955_zps811f247e.jpg  photo DSCN8956_zps5f96e24e.jpg  photo DSCN8957_zps5ac87bf1.jpg  photo DSCN8958_zps85d2f5dc.jpg  photo DSCN8959_zps44d23d22.jpg  photo DSCN8960_zpsc6007757.jpg  photo DSCN8961_zps25f63a19.jpg  photo DSCN8962_zpsaa49710d.jpg  photo DSCN8963_zpse45fc98e.jpg  photo DSCN8964_zps615f6548.jpg  photo DSCN8965_zps5acc1b5b.jpg  photo DSCN8966_zps94bd44d2.jpg  photo DSCN8967_zpsbde0043b.jpg  photo DSCN8968_zpsb7d89b8f.jpg  photo DSCN8969_zps222c29d0.jpg  photo DSCN8970_zpsf625433b.jpg  photo DSCN8971_zpsef6626dc.jpg  photo DSCN8972_zpsb5597ebc.jpg  photo DSCN8973_zps7c81f549.jpg  photo DSCN8974_zps90ff69b7.jpg  photo DSCN8975_zpse8e828cf.jpg  photo DSCN8976_zps7db85f77.jpg  photo DSCN8977_zpsd1f1b68b.jpg  photo DSCN8978_zps599151fe.jpg 


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 photo DSCN8937_zps928d1068.jpg  photo DSCN8938_zps477a48a8.jpg  photo DSCN8939_zps59e21df6.jpg  photo DSCN8940_zpse68dd063.jpg  photo DSCN8941_zps00b523df.jpg  photo DSCN8979_zps6b264286.jpg  photo DSCN8980_zps6b6f21d6.jpg  photo DSCN8981_zpse440a27f.jpg  photo DSCN8982_zpsdbd0d909.jpg  photo DSCN8983_zps714d3d32.jpg  photo DSCN8984_zps16cb4183.jpg  photo DSCN8985_zpsa9975854.jpg  photo DSCN8986_zps0db7dbc7.jpg  photo DSCN8987_zpsba5bb85e.jpg  photo DSCN8988_zps000173ff.jpg  photo DSCN8989_zps92f8cd54.jpg  photo DSCN8990_zps0db1e9d2.jpg  photo DSCN8991_zps87ed6bd5.jpg  photo DSCN8992_zpsb0d06623.jpg  photo DSCN8993_zpsb9945f58.jpg  photo DSCN8994_zps250cdf1d.jpg  photo DSCN8995_zps60d44a92.jpg  photo DSCN8996_zpsf9e48661.jpg  photo DSCN8997_zps60a3ea19.jpg  photo DSCN8998_zps74ad1431.jpg  photo DSCN8999_zps5790c28c.jpg  photo DSCN9000_zps388b5edf.jpg  photo DSCN9001_zpsfa70fc8a.jpg  photo DSCN9002_zps230793b3.jpg  photo DSCN9003_zpsd16f7342.jpg  photo DSCN9004_zpsa59cebc5.jpg  photo DSCN9005_zps6fe7f9c4.jpg  photo DSCN9006_zps180642d1.jpg  photo DSCN9007_zps4f9f3666.jpg  photo DSCN9008_zps2a15e4e8.jpg  photo DSCN9009_zpsc868c6f3.jpg  photo DSCN9010_zps732fa313.jpg  photo DSCN9011_zps6c185f9b.jpg  photo DSCN9012_zps977f2733.jpg  photo DSCN9013_zps122ca7d0.jpg  photo DSCN9014_zps9195f392.jpg  photo DSCN9015_zps607a860b.jpg  photo DSCN9016_zps1c19d74f.jpg  photo DSCN9017_zps8a3757c2.jpg  photo DSCN9018_zps8d74dbb7.jpg  photo DSCN9019_zpsbc5f63f4.jpg  photo DSCN9020_zps6e9870d5.jpg  photo DSCN9021_zps7d34ce0e.jpg  photo DSCN9022_zpsbedb6a53.jpg  photo DSCN9023_zps0649b37d.jpg  photo DSCN9024_zpsc1d33a3d.jpg  photo DSCN9025_zps92a07971.jpg  photo DSCN9026_zps63196944.jpg  photo DSCN9027_zps58434cf4.jpg  photo DSCN9028_zps0e3ff029.jpg  photo DSCN9029_zpsd79fe928.jpg  photo DSCN9030_zps05e55e05.jpg  photo DSCN9031_zpsdb9fc278.jpg  photo DSCN9032_zps7f747fe8.jpg  photo DSCN9033_zps041a7807.jpg

ENGINE - V8 390 325HP

 photo DSCN8843_zps189d176d.jpg  photo DSCN8844_zps24e583b3.jpg  photo DSCN8845_zpsa01a4b85.jpg  photo DSCN8846_zps18df2e32.jpg  photo DSCN8847_zps132f1a82.jpg  photo DSCN8848_zps81579135.jpg  photo DSCN8849_zps2a187588.jpg  photo DSCN8850_zpsbdc91b49.jpg  photo DSCN8851_zpsdbf3e4bd.jpg  photo DSCN8852_zps01821953.jpg  photo DSCN8853_zps9d60db6f.jpg  photo DSCN8854_zps807c5ebb.jpg  photo DSCN8855_zps61574ced.jpg  photo DSCN8856_zps63d9ad56.jpg  photo DSCN8857_zps05701a69.jpg  photo DSCN8858_zpsbbccd9ad.jpg  photo DSCN8859_zps5e5e6f71.jpg  photo DSCN8860_zpsf29d011f.jpg

 photo DSCN8861_zps1c86a8b1.jpg  photo DSCN8862_zpsf63f2739.jpg  photo DSCN8863_zpse8e738d3.jpg  photo DSCN8864_zps20fa6c5d.jpg  photo DSCN8865_zps7cddb37e.jpg  photo DSCN8866_zps8b961236.jpg  photo DSCN8867_zps4bb42bcc.jpg  photo DSCN8868_zps68cb5d51.jpg  photo DSCN8869_zps5a1f864f.jpg  photo DSCN8870_zps3c297f4f.jpg  photo DSCN8871_zps6d35841c.jpg  photo DSCN8872_zpsa2b39005.jpg  photo DSCN8873_zps3c30b1d4.jpg  photo DSCN8874_zps6ac55282.jpg  photo DSCN8875_zps74ecf457.jpg  photo DSCN8876_zps62b7abd9.jpg  photo DSCN8877_zpsdfa61052.jpg  photo DSCN8878_zps34f04f47.jpg  photo DSCN8879_zps2d92992f.jpg  photo DSCN8880_zpsa1cef787.jpg  photo DSCN8881_zpsa0bbe6e6.jpg  photo DSCN8882_zpsdc94e5d1.jpg  photo DSCN8883_zps8e642e7c.jpg  photo DSCN8884_zps73495a96.jpg  photo DSCN8885_zps17b01c63.jpg  photo DSCN8886_zps492dfb13.jpg  photo DSCN8889_zps3fb6c340.jpg  photo DSCN8890_zps921c49ea.jpg  photo DSCN8891_zps74567634.jpg  photo DSCN8892_zps3d1e4440.jpg  photo DSCN8893_zps33df9aab.jpg  photo DSCN8894_zpsb1dc3f9f.jpg  photo DSCN8895_zps9f9ee1d3.jpg  photo DSCN8896_zpsf10a5217.jpg  photo DSCN8897_zpsabd866ce.jpg  photo DSCN8898_zpsdc5d296b.jpg  photo DSCN8899_zpsd9b439cb.jpg  photo DSCN8900_zps227627e9.jpg  photo DSCN8901_zpsda1bcfa3.jpg  photo DSCN8902_zpsd3462003.jpg  photo DSCN8903_zpsbb31885d.jpg  photo DSCN8904_zps6608c05a.jpg  photo DSCN8905_zps5d092ce2.jpg  photo DSCN8906_zps98078133.jpg  photo DSCN8907_zps6ed719c4.jpg  photo DSCN8908_zpsb24d5da7.jpg  photo DSCN8909_zps833d2337.jpg  photo DSCN8910_zps15c8abc4.jpg  photo DSCN8911_zps94b5acfe.jpg  photo DSCN8912_zps2051c19f.jpg  photo DSCN8913_zpsa3d6d44f.jpg  photo DSCN8914_zpsaa4b010a.jpg  photo DSCN8915_zps0ea40fb8.jpg  photo DSCN8916_zpsb707b01c.jpg  photo DSCN8917_zpsb5ed9cee.jpg  photo DSCN8918_zps27df2137.jpg  photo DSCN8919_zps0b90b31e.jpg  photo DSCN8920_zps9377e16b.jpg  photo DSCN8921_zpsc5badab3.jpg  photo DSCN8922_zps1bee0e06.jpg  photo DSCN8923_zps8186f7ca.jpg   photo DSCN9612_zps114f2ea0.jpg


 photo DSCN9034_zpsb724b685.jpg  photo DSCN9035_zps568167fa.jpg  photo DSCN9036_zps1a02f249.jpg  photo DSCN9037_zpsfabb69c9.jpg  photo DSCN9038_zpsd71d86f9.jpg  photo DSCN9039_zps00a6674a.jpg  photo DSCN9040_zpscd3dab6f.jpg  photo DSCN9041_zpsd36faa70.jpg  photo DSCN9042_zps54297580.jpg  photo DSCN9043_zps678cf98f.jpg  photo DSCN9044_zps9201f3f0.jpg  photo DSCN9045_zps08af095b.jpg  photo DSCN9046_zps8d991ea2.jpg  photo DSCN9047_zpsbebac0be.jpg  photo DSCN9048_zps112fa5f2.jpg  photo DSCN9049_zps9062e5df.jpg  photo DSCN9050_zps18c44ecf.jpg  photo DSCN9051_zps72500355.jpg  photo DSCN9052_zps388fd8b7.jpg  photo DSCN9053_zps2db9a7b1.jpg


 photo DSCN9213_zps1d262c8b.jpg  photo DSCN9214_zpsf2bb149a.jpg  photo DSCN9215_zps9a190199.jpg  photo DSCN9216_zps9eb7bdaa.jpg  photo DSCN9217_zps46f21ed9.jpg  photo DSCN9218_zps1715c16b.jpg  photo DSCN9219_zps67f7b013.jpg  photo DSCN9220_zps69f66c6a.jpg  photo DSCN9221_zpsb9465e6d.jpg  photo DSCN9222_zps96978255.jpg  photo DSCN9224_zps9b1d6016.jpg  photo DSCN9225_zps5914d062.jpg  photo DSCN9226_zpse7c29fb1.jpg  photo DSCN9227_zpsf9687114.jpg  photo DSCN9228_zpsa505e600.jpg  photo DSCN9229_zps9965ec9c.jpg  photo DSCN9230_zps31ead98e.jpg  photo DSCN9231_zpsef9dbd51.jpg  photo DSCN9232_zps1b9b24b5.jpg  photo DSCN9233_zps77f3a486.jpg  photo DSCN9234_zpsc9f859cb.jpg  photo DSCN9235_zps38ec6a9c.jpg  photo DSCN9236_zpscd42ed68.jpg  photo DSCN9237_zps5d5675d6.jpg  photo DSCN9238_zpsf650db7c.jpg  photo DSCN9239_zps66d5c993.jpg  photo DSCN9240_zps12f93865.jpg


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