Buick Convertible 225 Electra 
year: 1969, K miles
8 cylinders, Automatic transmission
blue with blue interior


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phone: (310)978-9558 Los Angeles, California. Next to the LAX Airport.

1969 Buick Electra 225  Convertible V8 430ci Engine

"Deuce and a Quarter"


We used this car for our classic car tours Ride Free Classic Car and Motorcycle Tours.  I bought it and outfitted it for use for our classic car tours going 3,000 miles Chicago to LA on Route 66, Seattle to Los Angeles, etc... Some of the work had already been done, but we have done lots of work since we have had it.  We since have decided to stop offering the classic tours, so I am selling the car.  If not there is no way I would sell this car after all the work we have done to it to make it such a reliable cruiser.  

This is a great cruiser.  It is a driver quality car, and has a very solid body..  We have been using it for our Ride Free Classic Car Tours, so it is very reliable.   The engine fires right up.  No funny noises, the engine sounds as it should.  All of the lights work correctly.  The horn works, car runs well under accelerating power onto the freeway, and cruises nicely down the Freeway in the fast lane.  The power drum brakes stop easily and well.  These are the famous huge aluminum finned drum  Buick brakes up front.  Probably the best stopping drum brakes of most production American cars.  The transmission shifts as it should.  And the car tracks nicely at highway speed.  With the power steering, power top, power windows, and power brakes it is a very effortless car to drive.  Even if you are a small person that is not strong, you can just use the power seat to sit closer, use the tilt steering wheel to come down for a good fit..... turn on the air conditioning or heat as needed.. and cruise.   This is American Luxury at it's best.  But don't forget that high horsepower 430 cubic inch 360 horsepower Big Block V8 under the hood.  While she is a quiet easy cruiser, it could also be considered a Muscle Car.

#Custom water sprayer cooling system added= push button and water sprays on the radiator from a tank = cars can not overheat in traffic ever in the summertime!

430 V8 360 horsepower stock engine - Big  Block
Good thick radiator
#Custom water sprayer cooling system added= push button and water sprays on the radiator from a tank = cars can not overheat in traffic ever in the summertime!
We have added a mechanical fan to keep the temperature down with more airflow in the summer.
3 Speed Automatic Transmission Turbo 400
Rear Wheel Drive 
power convertible top works great,  a new top was put on this year.
Heat and Air Conditioning Work, cold A/C,  Defrost works. 
 ( there is a vacumn line you reach under the dash and  switch once in the summer or winter for heat or ac vents, could be fixed, but I have not looked at since it is a once a year 10 second switch.  This is the only thing and worse mechanical issue on the 1969 car.)
The A/C has been upgraded to the newer 134 refrigerant and has a POA Eliminator Kit.
Water pump replaced this year, as many other wear items were.  And anything we found needed anything at all was replaced in suspension etc..

replaced rear wheel cylinders
replaced rear wheel bearing seals


Original Interior, looks good but not perfect, look closely at pictures.
This is a driver quality interior.  I love it since it is original, as does anyone who sees it, but it shows some wear here and there when you look closely.
But looks great for original.
Original dash is in great shape.
Factory gauges all in work and function as expected.
But we have added a large chrome Volts, Oil Pressure, and Temperature gauge cluster under the dash.
Interior lights, cigarette lighter, etc all in working order.
Sound System: new front and rear speaker with an amp under dash with a cord to plug your phone into.
Electric power windows all work correctly
Electric power top works 
Tilt steering wheel
Power seat all works.

Good looking driver quality paint.  The car looks great, but not perfect.
Look at all the pictures.  Again, looks great, but not perfect.
There are some chips and imperfections on the front of the fenders, and also some random chips and blemishes.. see pictures below.
The chrome on the bumpers is pretty fresh, but on the rear driver side corner of the fender there is a ding a a spot the size of about a quarter or silver dollar where
 the chrome is cracking.  I thought about putting a round sticker over it for now, like a cool 1960's AAA Auto Club of America sticker over it, but you can do as you wish.
Also on the driver quarter if you look closely over the rear wheel, it looks like the trim scraped something lightly, lightly tweaking the trim a bit.
Don't get me wrong, the car looks great.  I just like to pick the car apart now, before you buy it.  So when you get it home you will be very happy.   
Feel free to call me and we can Facetime or Skype Video and I can pick the car apart for you.  Or I can do it over the phone.

Headlights, tail lights and blinkers all function
Hubcaps look Good.
Windows and Windshield glass are in good condition with next to no chips or cracks
Grates and Grills are in good shape
Doors and hinges all work smoothly and solidly.
All door and trunk locks work correctly.


SHIPPING: Buyer pays all shipping, but I am happy to assist in any way I can. I have shippers I can refer you to that ship cars regularly for me all over the USA, and all over the world.

All of our cars are sold where is - as is. With no warranty. All vehicle sales are subject to an $80 processing fee. I do my best to give you as accurate information as possible. I do welcome you to set up an appointment to have the car inspected. I prefer to pick this car to pieces for your inspector, for you, or over the phone.
Feel free to have your mechanic call me.

I can also SKYPE with you with live video conference, and show you the car this way. I don't want you to buy the car unless I am assured you will be very happy with it, and you know exactly what you are buying.
Please call if you have any questions.

NOTICE: Sakowski Motors refuses to accept any deposit, payment, or complete any sale until we are 150% sure you will be extremely happy with your purchase. This includes a long phone conversation with us both going over all the pictures in detail together while talking about the item.

Accepting Interesting Trades: Such as real 32-34 Fords, Original Indian Motorcycles, Vintage Airstream trailers,....

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